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 white blood cells (WBC)

Q; Which type of leukocyte that surrounds and kills invading cells. Also, remove dead cells and stimulates the action of other immune cells?

a.      B lymphocytes

b.      T lymphocytes

c.      Natural killer

d.     Macrophage


Correct answer

         Another interesting question. The reason why this question is an interesting one, it is because of the leukocytes. What is the meaning of leukocytes? Leuko is the word root, and it would be prefix as well. leuko means white, and the meaning of cyte is a cell. Together leuko and cyte represent the white cell. Which white cell? Of course, the white blood cells in which its abbreviation is WBC. There are two types of WDC in our body classified according to the granules in their cytoplasm. They are the granulocyte WBC and nongranulocyte or agranulocyte WBC; also, some books called these WBCs a mononuclear WBC because they have one single unlobed nuclear.

The granulocyte cells are;

Neutrophile cells, also called the polymorphonuclear cell (PMN), because of its segmented nucleus. These cells the most numerous cells among all WBCs as their percentage would be more than 60%, and their job is to do the phagocytosis to foreign bacteria.

Basophile cells, they are also polymorphonuclear cells, but their cytoplasm contain very dark granules, and their percentage normally would be from 0 to 1%. They are able to secret heparin and histamine.

Eosinophils cells, also they are polymorphonuclear, but their granules stain by eosin stain. Their job is to respond to the allergy reaction and their percentage between 1 to 3%.

The agranulocyte cells are;

Lymphocyte cells, there are no granules in their cytoplasm. They have round or oval nucleus shape. Play an essential job in the immune response that protects the body against infection. Depends on their specific job and place where they become mature, their name will be. T lymphocyte will become mature in the thymus gland. B lymphocyte will become mature in the bone marrow like the natural killer cells. They are the only WBC will not contribute to the phagocytosis. The percentage of lymphocyte cells in average differential WBCs count ranges between 20% to 35%. It would increase more than this range in viral infection.

Monocyte cells, the giant cell among all WBCs, but their percentage would not be more than 9%. They have a segmented nucleus its shape like a horseshoe. The main job of these cells is phagocytosis, as they can surround the dead or foreign microorganisms and engulf them.

The term macrophage means the large cell that can engulf or eat; also, it is called the phagocytosis. I believe you will choose the letter d as a correct answer.

From (Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy and Physiology Certification Pretest volume 1) by oday Alubaidi 

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